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We encourage public transportation (bus, taxi or Uber/Lyft). If you are driving, please consider car-pooling. See link above for parking lots nearby. 


Saturday, May 13, 2023

9:00 AM

Registration for Event Readers, ticket sales and general seating begins.



The All-Day, Audience Participation Reading of Caroline Alexander's Iliad begins, with and invocation in Ancient Greek.

Once the reading starts, the poem should be spoken aloud without comment or interruption, reader by reader, until each of the designated interludes for music and dinner.  There will be a large screen showing the English text of each passage as it is being read to help the audience follow along.

11:00 AM-9:30 PM-  Candlelight Labyrinth Walk  

We invite guests to walk a sacred path at Grace Cathedral during the reading, stepping individually into an ancient spiritual symbol found on nearly every continent across numerous cultures for thousands of years. The Labyrinth is limited to nine visitors at a time. In the spirit of the quest for peace and challenging the past and current state of violence in our world, those who have been victims of violence may also wish to carry a photo of a loved one.


We present this, and all our Homer readings, as a call to peace and non-violence.


11:00 AM-9:30 PM-  Refreshments

Your ticket fee includes refreshments and light lunch options.

A variety of beverages and grab and go snacks (coffee, water, fruit, half sandwiches, etc.) will be available in the Dining Hall throughout the event. We encourage you to bring a water bottle to refill at the Cathedral. 


5:00-5:45 PM - Dinner 

Your ticket fee includes this meal.

A dinner break will take place in the Grace Cathedral Plaza or in the Grace Cathedral Cafeteria depending on the weather. We invite everyone to participate in the group dinner.

We are providing delicious Mediterranean dinners by Za'atar of San Francisco. If you have particular dietary needs, you may bring and enjoy your own food at this time in the communal eating area only. No food is allowed in the main cathedral areas.

Coming and Going

While you are free to (quietly) come and go as you see fit, we strongly encourage you to stay

and experience the duration of the event and of the poem.  We have carefully abridged the text to retain the scope and grandeur of the epic within the 12-hour time frame, and those who stay for the full reading will feel greatly rewarded.

10:00 PM - Conclusion

The Reading will concludE.


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