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Radio Interviews

Insight: Capitol Chat • June 13, 2012


2007 The Sacramento Bee, Ex CSUS Professor on Epic Journey, by Blair Anthony Robertson  (click to go to article)
2006 The New York Sun, Its an Epic Era: Classics Readings Can Go All Night, by Ruth Graham (offline)
2006  The New York Sun The Wisdom of the Greeks, by Maureen Mullarky (click to go to article)
2006 The National Herald, in both English and Greek, Savoring the Iliad of Homer, Verse by Verse, by Zoe Tsines (offline)
2006 Reading hosted by The Dahesh Museum of Art as a part of their joint exhibition with Princeton University Museum of Art entitled The Legacy of Homer. Greek News, "Sharing Something Beautiful: Reading Homer All Day at the Dahesh" by Vicki J. Yiannias (click to go to article)
2005 The Columbia Daily Spectator, Odyssey of the Voice and Mind, by Rebecca Rosen (offline)
2005 Web article on PoetryBay, An All-Nighter with the Iliad by George Wallace (click to go to article)
2004 Radio Interview on Cosmos 79 (GAEPIS) about the Readers of Homer
2003 Manhattan Neighborhood Network, half hour interview on The Greek Epic 
1999 The Sacramento Bee , article Epic Story Draws All Night Crowd, by Diana Griego Erwin (offline)Άρθρα-Blogs/jornadas-homericas-i-oyroygoyai-tragoydaei-omiro--ellas-1/“jornadas-homericas”-en-la-universidad-de-la-republica.htmlón-de-lectura-de-textos-de-Homero

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