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Fantastic night!... A unique experience!  Amazing organization!


I am deeply moved… the ancient word still pulses within me. My fellow readers and listeners, in French, in English, all of us in an Odyssey that signifies us all. Thank you for the honor…


As the sun was going down, we tasted black bread, honey, olives, strong wine and grapes, and entered the space. Twelve hours with the narrative wealth of the Odyssey, letting it take us into thoughts and stories and relationships of the present, as if it were just written, describing our own lives, our own wars, our own return.  Thus the night unfolded, with one segment flowing into the next, from the child’s voice, into one’s singing, into another’s mother tongue, from the ancient to the contemporary…


      - Lucia Rikaki, Film Director, Greece


The Homeric night, as part of the Hippokratia festival, proved to thousands of spectators that collective effort, excellent organization, appreciation and promotion of our cultural heritage within a multicultural environment, constitute fundamental ingredients for the intellectual, psychological, and financial health not of the local society of Kos, but also of the international community of man.  

- Eleftheros Typos, Greece

The Odyssey at the Castle of St. John 

Kos, Greece, August 7-8, 2010


A light unfolded over the entire island…


In the summer of 2010 The Readers joined the Hippokratia festival on the island of Kos, Greece, for a celebration of Homer. Events included film screenings, lectures, readings, music by LyrAvlos and theater performances, highlighted by an all-night reading of the Odyssey. Held in the ruins of the 14th-century Castle of the Knights of St. John, above the harbor of the ancient city, over 200 participants greeted rosy-fingered dawn after a magical night of poetry.


The 2010 Kos reading is the subject of a short film by Charles Berkowitz. To view the film click on the button below.






Major support provided by the Public Cultural Enterprise of Kos Municipality, Cultural Action - EMSE, and the Maria Tsakos Foundation of Uruguay.






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